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Glass Doors and Panels have NFRC ratings and should be prsent on installation.

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   Doors  and  Repair

Welcome to our Doors Product  and Repair page

 With a wide variety of size, color, styles in the manufacturing industry of doors we realize the choices can be overwhelming, so here at WINDOWS AND DOORS-R-US, though research of energy efficiency and economics we've narrowed the field to these manufactures that we feel are the best fit for looks, budget and energy efficiency.  Weather you are looking for a new style or upgrade we can not only come and professionally install your new doors but because we offer a re-fit service,  no matter what doors you desire we can restructure the opening to fit and finish your interior and exterior to match.




We also offer door repair services:
Composite Frame Replacement  -  Door and Hinge ajustments  -  Hardware
   Weather Striping  -  Glass Replacement   -    Threshold and Sweeps
 To determin what your doors may need contact us for a  Free Consultation.

   Entry Doors

Therma Tru Entry Door

Therma-Tru® Fiberglass Entry Doors
Custom sized to fit your home.
Come look for ideas.

With many designs to choose from, Therma-Tru gives you the classic look with durability and low maintenance. We can install any idea you desire. From start to finish you'll love your new look. Details4

  Patio Doors

Therma-Tru® Patio / French Doors

Therma Tru Patio Door

Beauty & Elegance Combined With Convenience.

If your entry door says Welcome then your patio doors say You're Home. Therma-Tru makes the most out of inside beauty and the transition to the outside peaceful. Not to mention their long life and low maintenance. Details4

Weather Shield Patio Door

Weather Shield® Hinged Patio Door
Single and double hung doors for elegance and beauty.

All of these doors, whether French or double hung, have multi-point locking system to keep them weatherproof and a long lasting performance. At up to 10 feet ordering size they stand tall.  Details4

  Sliding Doors

Weather Shield® Telescoping Sliding Doors

Weather Shield Telecoping Door

Some of the most interesting and impressive doors around.

At up to 10 feet ordering size and up to 23 feet ordering length, it's not hard to be impressed with this door. If you're looking to let nature in and mother nature out then look no farther.  Details4

Andersen Sliding Glass Door

Andersen® Vinyl Patio Slider
Economical for multi-entrances with Energy Star rating.

Functional and budget ready. These doors have the great warranty that Andersen has for all their products and a (NFRC) rating that is an energy saver that beat national standards.  Details4

Windsor Pinnacle Clad Patio Door

Windsor® Pinnacle-Clad Sliding Patio Door.  
Extruded aluminum for a durable low maintenance.

This heavy duty slider has such good roller systems and adjustments it opens with a slight of hand. Strength and beauty with mulit-point locking makes it top notch for security.  Details4

  Steel Entry and Fire Doors

Therma-Tru® Steel / Fire Doors

Therma Tru Steel Door

Built for protection then given a sense of style.

Peace of mind and security is the impression that Therma-Tru have given their fire / steel doors. Fire resistant and severe weather combined with a steel shield of protection, and still come with a wide selection of styles.  Details4            Top of Page

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