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 Establish A Work Zone- Upon

 arrival and under owners orders where to set up work saw's and tables,Temporarily store new windows or doors, power supply and entries into the house most easiest for the owner.


Aquire Home Owners Plan Of Attach- Where is the easiest for the owner? Is there any area's that have special needs? Any pets locations or area's they may maintain for the duration of the installations?


Set Up Interior Work Area- Move furniture and delicates 3ft. left to right and 6ft. from center of installed window or door. Set up see FAQ  Booth Containment Area.


Rotate Area Upon Completion-

Booth Contaiment Area's are cleaned up and moved to the next installation in owners Plan Of Attack- A finished completion is to have air pockets insulated and interior trim cut and installed.


Installation Process- Remove existing window and door. Prepare opening- cut back needed sheetrock,remove old chalking and or restucture framing if needed for resizing.

Install new window and door, square frame, plumb opening,shim frame in place and secure from outside flange and inside frame.






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